1. Download youtube-dl.exe

2. Create a folder called "YoutubeDL" and move the downloaded file (step number one) in there.

3. Create a txt file called "Run.txt" and paste the following (noted that this is for Indonesian Language, you can change the 'sub-lang id' to other language according to your liking) :

set /p Url=Link:
youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --sub-lang id --sub-format srt %Url%
youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --skip-download --sub-format srt --sub-lang id %Url%

4. Rename the txt file to "Run.bat".

5. Start the file and paste the youtube link of the video you want to put subtitles in.

6. Wait for the file to do its job. You will know it's done because the file will close by itself.

7. Go to subtitletools to do conversion of your .vtt to .srt.

8. Download and install handbrake.

9. Open handbrake, and in it, drop your .mp4 file.

10. Click the "Subtitles" button and click "Import Subtitle".

11. Select your .srt file (or .ass file with AEGISUB) and make sure to check the "Burn In" checkbox.

12. Finally, you can now click "Start Encode" at the top of Handlebrake.

13. Wait for the file to do the job, once it's done, your subtitled video file will be good to go.

14. Good luck and don't forget to subscribe, follow and share The Christian Prince YouTube Channel

Side Note: when you need to do any modification of the subtitle file you have before you go to handbrake; then here,  you need to do it with AEGISUB (do this after step 7, the above)

sample video with AEGISUB (.ass file) modification: here

sample video no modification (.srt file) subtitle: here

BEST OF LUCK, don't forget to subscribe follow and share The Christian Prince

How to easily download all the Christian Prince videos on YouTube (tutorial)

1. Copy the link of video you would like to download and paste the link to any FREE youtube downloader where you can find them in google (such as: videograbber, keepvd, genyoutube, y2mate, etc)

note that: you have to wait 30-60 minutes before doing any downloading for LIVE STREAM VIDEOS.

2. Now download them and put them on your own YouTube Channel and share to the world.

3. When you are thinking of adding Subtitle to your video; you can use Wondershare Filmora9 or AEGISUB (tutorial above)

OR IF you would like to use our APP BURNDL (which will make it a breeze to download videos and add subtitles automatically) you can download them HERE. [new released just being updated!]
(this will only work on Windows 64-bit. For Windows 32-bit version, you need to download this too)