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Christian Prince was born and raised in a Christian family in the Middle East. He is a native Arabic speaker.
After his teachers criticized his religion, he determined to study Islam and earned a degree in Islamic Law (Sharia Law) & Civil Law.
He is the author of "The Deception of Allah" and has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube showing him debating various Muslim scholars on Paltalk + TV including Shia scholar Husham Al-Husainy.
He uses the pseudonym Christian Prince for his protection.
Christian Prince target is to unite the force of love between the people, regardless of their religion.
He is trying to reach out to Muslims for better understanding to fight together Christians and Muslims and nonbelievers against hate or violence which is generated by the interpretation of religion and Scriptures.
Ignorance is the major enemy of mankind, which create division and violence, hoping to explain to Muslims that Christians or non-believers should not be considered as an enemy but we can be friends and live in peace, by rejecting any hateful teaching and accepting the message of love.

Matt 5:44
But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute.

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Your Brother in Christ

Inspired by Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus..

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Quran Verses

Here are Qur'an Verses being explained by Christian Prince in clear.

Q 6:78 -- this is my god akbar (akbar means mouse)
Q 2:62 -- Jews, Nasara/Christians, Sabian ALL GO TO HEAVEN ( stone saying Jew's hiding behind it except tree of Gharqad ) tafsir
Q 2:89 -- allah confirming the book that is with them/believer.

Q 3:161 -- MOLLY TOOK PANTY (tafsir here)
Q 33:50 -- MOLLY got to have women to his liking 16 prophet privileges / Q 8:41 FIFTH OF THE BOOTY
Q 2:25 -- sins forgiven by allah's mercy w/stream garden river flow
Q 48:2 -- Molly sins be forgiven (FUTURE and PAST) meaning MOLLY is a SINNER, a sinner prophet make himself equal to God - God in Islam is a sinner God, not holy. (Q 48:1-2) why 'MAY' Allah forgive your sin??? Allah said 'MAY' ? what kind of Allah is this!
Q 78:33 -- BIG BOOBS / VOLUPTUOUS WOMEN ( Q 78:32-34 vineyards, voluptuos & full cup)

Q 55:56 -- NO MAN NOR JINN OPEN HER VAGINA/HYMENS (protect from jinn n evil
Q 25:54 -- created man from water and the lineage of marriage the tafsir
Q 40:60 -- pray to Molly/ allah is the living one
Q 40:65 -- ONLY allah answers prayers
Q 2:186 -- call on allah will be answered

Q 49:14 -- say believe only then you become muslim/ ISLAM (means i surrendered/aslama Q 48:16) tafsir here
Q 42:51 -- ALLAH ALWAYS SPEAK BEHIND HIJAB and Q 33:53 -- talk with wife behind hijab
Q 4:157 -- they killed him not Messiah /Quran corrupt (JESUS ALMIGHTY) <-Romans put JESUS on d cross <--> < Q 19:33 JESUS DIED
Q 16:68-69 BEE POOP out HONEY

Q 7:40 -- deny our verses arrogant, NO HEAVEN. verse of camel into eye of needle  (Q 6:157)
Q 7:56 -- don't mischeaf on earth allah merciful to those do good
Q 15:90-91 -- quran being shredded
Q 65:4 -- DIVORCING CHILD meaning marrying baby girl is HALAL in Islam (no minimum age of marriage/other sexual pleasure )

Q 9:29 -- FIGHT THOSE WHO BELIEVE NOT IN ALLAH NOR THE LAST DAY (Jizyah) [still valid until day of judgement
Q 52:24 -- Boys round to serve them 80000 (hadith here) Q 56:17 immortal boys Q 76:19 boys of everlasting youth
Q 9:28 -- believers who associate others with allah are unclean/ najis (PAY JIZYAH)
Q 3:28 -- TAQIYYAH / LIE also Q 8:23 and here

Q 24:33 -- halal prostitution
Q 24:43 -- MOUNTAIN HAIL IN JANNAH (see Q 50:1 re: mountain in heaven, the sky get the blue colour from it) Q 79:32 -- Mountain He set firmly on top/face of the Earth
Q 4:24 -- RIGHT HAND POSSESED/ MU'TAH (MUSTAJAARAH) parallel to Q 5:87, Q 66:1
Q 41:44 -- allah send qur'an in other than Arabic, why? quran in Arabic (Arab is people of the dessert/bedouins Q 9:90)

Q 2:1 -- Allah thanking Allah (ALIF LAM MIM - X Q Ses/ Molly excuses!)  Q 3:1, Q 7:1, Q 13:1 gibberish makes sense when you're toking a joint -- willful self deception
Q 1:1 -- allah saying in the name of allah/ alfatehah (not a prayer) (true name of GOD contradicts )
Q 1:3 -- the most beneficient the most merciful
Q 2:73 -- beat with COW, dead man to life

Q 9:30 -- ezra son of allah, Messiah son of allah (jews worship uzair
Q 3:110 -- ISLAM THE BEST MANKIND and claim victory by war people came to Islam like wave in Q 110:1-2
Q 8:66 -- exagerating, 100 steadfast person overcome 200
Q 8:67 -- prophet had prisoners of war (captive female & children)
Q 4:34 -- MEN ARE IN CHARGE OF WOMEN/ SCOURGE WOMEN/ LIGHT BEATING man can beat a wife for fear of rebellion

Q 5:32 -- Islam killed enemy of allah & slaughtered (Q 5:31 Cain/Jews not Islam & Q 5:33 tafsir -> Q 7:124 Umm Qirfa)
Q 2:178 -- slave for slave, freeman 4 freeman, female 4 female (tafsir Jalalayin)
Q 28:30 -- Musa and allah fire in the tree/bushfire
Q 27:8 -- blessed are all who within this fire & who are near it
Q 15:29 -- ALLAH BREATHED INTO ADAM & ADAM PROSTRATING UNTO HIM (tafsir of Adam's being created) Q 17:11 Adam said immediatly 'alhamdulilah'

Q 6:73 -- ALLAH CREATED BY SAYING BE & Q 3:59 contradicts Q 38:75, Q 66:12 and Q 3:45-47
Q 21:91 -- allah send ruh into Mary vagina and then Isa was
Q 5:116 -- false trinity in Islam: allah, mary, iesa
Q 2:225 -- you are allowed to take false oath using name of allah (MOLLY swear by fig and the olive Q 95:1) allah will not impose blame on you for unintentional oath Q 5:89

Q 4:171 -- People of the Book say not TRINITY, but 3in1 of JESUS in Qur'an (the Word of GOD, the Messenger, the Spirit)
Q 105:1-5 -- Surah Al Fil /Elephant chapter and there's army of birds/ababil throwing baked clay (Q 105:3)
Q 86:6-7 -- Proceeding from BACKBONE AND THE RIBS (tafsir Ibn Kathir) Q 86:1 women have sperm!
Q 22:52 -- SATANIC VERSE/ BLACK MAGIC and the tafseer for it  paralel toQ 114:6, Q81:25 and Q 53:19-20 --> Al Abyad

Q 15:42 -- Molly under the GHAWIN/BAD (Mushrikun & Criminals) Q 14:22 Molly was called by Satan and listened  Q 22:52 the hadith
Q 6:74 -- Azar - Father of Abraham (foolish to worship idol)
Q 6:125 -- whomsoever allah wills to guide, he open his breast to Islam Q 6:39, Q 7:178

Q 8:17 -- Ye Muslims slew them not but allah slew them ALLAH's KILLER! / Q 6:112
Q 9:28 -- if you FEEL POVERTY get from unbeliever (tafseerPAY JIZYAH)
Q 6:164 -- NO SOUL SHALL PAY FOR SIN OF OTHERS CONTRADICTS these hadiths bukhari and abudawud
Q 5:101-102 -- ASK NO QUESTION, because if u ask u reject Islam
Q 2:256 -- LET THERE BE NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION (abrogated with Q 9:5, Q 9:29 this verse alone being abrogated 129 times)

Q 8:39 -- fight them until there no more tumult or oppression
Q 53:32 -- SMALL FAULT/SIN (ALAMAN/INTERCOURSE) still can be forgiven and enter paradise
Q 4:43 -- approach not prayers with a mind befogged (SALAT DRUNK)
Q 5:68 -- people of the BOOK (the christians) also Q 3:64

Q 31:19 -- voice/braying of DONKEY
Q 4:88 -- would you GUIDE those allah made ASTRAY? Q 4:82Q 4:143, Q 40:34, Q 16:37 (so much contradiction the Qur'an is NOT from Allah!)
Q 2:264 -- allah guide not the Kuffar

Q 5:67 -- are you going to GUIDE who allah deceived?  --- MAKR
Q 6:37-39 -- ALLAH GUIDE NOT, he is the best deceiver  (go to tafsir Ibn Kathir)
Q 16:107 -- ALLAH DOES NOT guide disbelieving people
Q 3:87 -- how allah guide those who reject faith?
Q 3:90 -- THOSE REJECT ISLAM APOSTATE (kill them) and Q 4:65 -- YOU ARE APOSTATE change religion KILL!

Q 7:179 -- JINN and MEN MADE FOR HELL, they see not hear not like cattle (non muslim are najis)
Q 2:106 -- VERSES ABROGATED WILL BE REPLACED TO SIMILAR/ BETTER (altafsir Jalalayn) Molly forgot verses of Quran (140 books sent by Allah, just believe them blindly)
Q 9:32 -- unbeliever/khuffar try to extinguish allah's light ( Q 24:35 Allah's light is just a niche!)

Q 4:163-164 -- Allah spoke to everybody BUT NOT MOLLY
Q 34:44 -- Molly first one to come to Mekkah no warner be4 him and Q 2:127 Molly only plain warner Q 7:188
Q 17:85 -- And they ask you Molly concerning RUH (ALLAH IS NOT SPIRIT)
Q 6:101 -- HOW CAN GOD HAD A SON WHEN NO CONSORT? remember Q 39:4 and Q 2:177 (son of the road)

Q 27:39 -- AFREET/Ifrit of Jinns
Q 4:3 -- QUR'AN ENCOURAGE to MARRY ORPHANS 2/3/4 (total max 9) (Christianity 1male 1female becomes Ahad Gen 2:24) and Q 4:29, Q 33:49.
Q 4:128 -- woman fears ill-treatment seek reconciliation

Q 2:40-44 -- CONFIRMING BIBLE  Q 2:89 (2nd), Q 2:91 (3rd), Q 2:97 (4th), Q 2:101 (5th) Q 2:121 (6th), Q 2:136 (7th) This sura Al Baqara (quran chapter 2) has 286 verses yet Sura 33 has only 73 verses
Q 3:114 -- Q 3:199 check also Q 2:78-79 ummium/do not know & read it Q 3:20
Q 5:48 -- Scripture, Torah, Gospel Q 5:43-48 and Q 5:66-68 and Q 7:51 and Q 9:57

Q 23:14 -- Nutfah (40 days in the womb & into clot allah the best of creator
Q 18:22-26 -- Molly took SEVEN SLEEPERS (stupid story in Quran! but there is NO in Qur'an mentioned JESUS coming back)
Q 27:82 -- BEAST MESSENGER / AL JAZAZA and Colour Bar at the judgement day (racist cult) hadith here
Q37:107 -- And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice, a RAM

Q 15:9 -- allah guarding qur'an tafsir here
Q 2:106 -- qur'an ABROGATED contradicts Q 87:6 WE WILL MAKE U RECITE N NOT FORGET and Q 6:115
Q 6:68 -- SATAN CAUSED TO FORGET VERSES also Q 12:42, Q 18:63 butin hadith Allah caused to forget verses
Q 32:5 -- Molly JOURNEY 1000 year became 2000 years back n forth (Science, eh)
Q 39:28 -- An Arabic Quran, without any crookedness (therein)

Q 3:106-107 -- In the day of Judgement face become black/ white --- ISLAM RACIST
Q 2:138 -- BAPTISTM IN ISLAM by taking SAHADA
Q 2:127 -- ABRAHAM BUILD KABAH, Q 34:44 NO WARNER BEFORE MOLLY, Q 6:50 Molly knows NOTHING but a prophet?
Q 37:125 -- BAAL in quranand the best of creators (plural?) and Q 36:1 ya sin (creator / allah knows best)
Q 4:46 -- Quran where some of the Jews displace words
Q 23:99-100 -- Al BARZAKH / Barrier/ BRIDGE with hook between this world and hereafter in the judgement day (tafsir Ibn Kathir) (Q 55:20)
Q 33:40 -- MOLLY is SEAL OF THE PROPHET (but he can not perform)
Q 7:16 -- Thou has sent me astray  Q 7:186 (what kind of allah is this?) Q 7:178-179, Q 16:37 this is making better than Qur'an

CHAPTER AL ALAQ (Q 96) was suppose to be the first chapter in Quran. man from a clot/nutfah. (ORDER OF QUR'AN /here) hadith here

Q 113:1-5 -- i take refuge with the Lord from the Evil (at taubah)

Q 6:35 -- If ALLAH wants, ALLAH can make everyone BELIEVERS (why not make everyone believers then???)
Q 6:38 -- all animals ARE MUSLIMS
Q 48:9 -- glorify MOLLY day and night help him in battle (SHIRK)  parallel to Q 4:80 -- have to obey Molly first then you believe Allah
Q 66:5 -- when Hafsa & Aisha were jealous, they will be divorced and replaced by allah (hadith here related to Q 33.53 & tafsir of this)
Q 9:31 -- only serve 1 god (suppose to be ilah/god) but here it says allah and the Messiah (i.e Islam god - moon god) <-- doing bi'dah (reform) (tafsir for it)

Q 80:1 -- Molly turn away blind man (Abassa), Q 30:59 Allah seal d heart who know not  Q 6:50 Molly knows not  Q 3:49 JESUS knows everything
Q 33:56 -- allah prays joining group pray ON Molly (not TO) yasalunna
Q 2:157 -- salawat prayers to people
Q 33:44 -- yusaluna prayers to people
Q 17:59 -- WE REFRAIN from sending signs, SENDS BY TERROR/ WARNING fr EVIL/ NO MIRACLE for Molly,22

Q 18:27 -- NO ONE CAN CHANGE WORD OF ALLAH  what about Q 2:106 ABROGATED
Q 15:59 -- AL LUT family being saved
Q 27:56 -- AL YAKUB family of YAKUB Q 28:8

Q 4:54 -- AL IBRAHIM the family of Ibrahim Q 12:6 AL Yakub/ family of Yakub
Q 3:33 -- AL Ibrahim being prepared by Allah Q 2:248 AL Musas AL HARUN
Q 19:28 -- Mary was sister of Moses and Aaron (WRONG, Molly was ignorant) *tafsir for this and this
Q 3: 33-37 --Mary's father was not Imran Q 3:64-65 Amran the father of Mary?
Q 61:6 -- Messenger after Iesa shall be called Ahmad 'the praised one' (Deuteronomy 18:18 & Isaiah 42 <-- is talking about JESUS!)

Q 2:11 -- regarding mischief do not take disbelievers as awliyah tafsir here
Q 68:42 -- SHIN of ALLAH (on the BRIDGE at judgement day, allah will show his shin)
Q 27:61 -- 2 SEAS and A BARRIER that never meet like dry land /BARZAH Q 25:53 there are 2 seas separated by dry land

Q 2:65 -- Break the sabbath became apes (pigs monkeys)  Q 7:163 -- don't fish on Sabbath, but... Fish only came ON Sabbath!  comic here
Q 4:15 -- You have to have 4 witnessesFOR ADULTERY CASE
Q 33:5 -- Call them by the names of their father (MOLLY STOPPED ADOPTION so can marry Zainab)
Q 42:7 -- Quran in Arabic
Q 68:1 -- Nun by pen & tablet whale is Liwash/Lutiaya/Adwad, Bull is Bahamut/Talhut/Liyona,  4000 cracks (the tafsir) question order of creation

Q 54:1 -- Split the moon/ MOON SPLIT (Molly talked about judgement day) SIMILAR to poem of  Imru'l Qais  here [Molly could probably just saw a natural moon phenomena]
Q 2:157 -- They are living
Q 3:166-170 -- They are living
Q 5:110 -- JESUS as Miracle Worker: healed born blind, the lepers, spoke from the crib (JESUS ALMIGHTY)
Q 3:65 -- People of the book (Scripture) <--- means Christians

Q 3:19 -- Religion before Allah is ISLAM (JESUS also Islam)
Q 67:5 -- SHOOTING STARS as missile, lowest Heaven w/ lamps (stars/meteor) & Allah knows best (what a joke) ALLAH protected sky
Q 41:9 -- Allah created Heaven and Earth in 2 days to finish whole earth
Q 41:12 -- ALLAH CREATED 7 HEAVENS and Earth in 2 days
Q 2:255 -- His Throne (KURSI) extends over the Heavens and the Earth (question of different between throne & kursi parallel toQ 69:17

Q 3:49 -- JESUS knows what YOU EAT and HIDE in your house, JESUS gives life out of CLAY
Q 36:38 -- Sun PROSTRATE AT ALLAH's THRONE where Q 18:86 HAMIYAH/HOT MURKY SPRING WATER (al khaf/cave)
Q 55:33
-- JINN & MEN can not pass beyond zone Heaven & Earth without authority
Q 24:40 -- JUDGEMENT DAY is in the LIKENESS Of SEA (tafsir jalalayn 24:40)
Q 17:13 -- A RECORD book opened on judgement day MUSABIHAT (hadith muslim) Q 16:79 -- ALLAH IS HOLDING BIRDS (none gave ability to fly)
Q 22:65 ALLAH withhold the heaven/sky to fall on earth
Q2:30-34 -- Allah asked advice from angels, Adam names all things. Angels prostrate TO ADAM, Iblis refused/reject faith/unbeliever
Q 7:12
-- Allah ask angels to bow down to Adam. Satan didn't bow down because he is better than Adam. Q 18:50
Q 97:3 -- NIGHT OF POWER (regardingFASTING) better than 1000 months (al qadr and question about this

Q 2:185 -- Quran is given to ALL MANKIND for guidance
Q 19:21 -- He is a sign to ALL MANKIND (al amin)
Q 66:12 -- JESUS is a sign to the world
Q 4:48 -- SHIRK is a SIN  Q 2:199 go around kabbah naked  /  Q 40:66  /Q 63:1
Q 7:157 -- follow messenger in the law and gospel, that is JESUS

Q 3:48 -- Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel
Q 3:50 -- And (I come) confirming that which was before me of the Torah
Q 5:46 -- we sent JESUS son of Mary confirming the law between His hand/ what they have
Q 61:6 -- Jesus will give AHMAD after Him
Q 2:41, Q2: 89, Q 2:91, Q 2:101, Q 2:121,Q 4:47, Q 5:77 PEOPLE OF THE BOOK that we have solid, Qur'an is corrupt

Q 5:73 -- Don't say trinity, only 1 GOD
Q 5:75 --
JESUS and Mary eat, clear sign only messenger

Q 5:116 --
Islam Trinity Allah, Mary and JESUS.
Q 98:6 -- they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture worse creatures
Q 21:17 -- ALLAH PASTIME will take partners / HOURIS / Angels from our kind (tafsir alqurtubi) (Q 6:101) (Q 17:40)

Q 18:11 -- seal the ears in the cave for a number of years 309
Q 18:109 --
Ocean were Ink (wherewith to write the word of God)
Q 42:11 -- how human be multiplied like animals in pairs (Q 36:36
) (Q 13:3) in pairs
Q 9:61 -- blasphemy towards Molly Q 8:30 (Makr Q 8:43-44), Q 3:21, Q 68:2,Q 73:10 Allah will punish severely
<Q 3:113-114 -- People of the book the righteous one
Q 3:99 -- People of the book you are witnesses to the truth
Q 37:112 Isaac prophet of the righteous parallel to Q 29:27 Isaac n Jacob prophethood and Scripture among his seed, among d righteous Joseph son of Jacob
Q 6:115 -- NONE CAN CHANGE HIS WORDS contradictsQ 7:157
Q 4:47 -- CURSE THE CHRISTIANS became PIGS MONKEYS on Sabath (erase their faces / people of the book) parallel to Q 2:173 swine blood haram

Q 2:7 -- ALLAH SEALED us Q 2:10 -- ALLAH put hate
Q 2:282 -- A WOMAN as 1/2 witness in Islam
Q 90:3 -- Allah swears by ME (allah's oath) Molly swears on torah
Q 25:53 -- 2 SEAS 1 FRESH 1 SALT/BITTER merged but NOT MIXED caused of dry land as BARRIER (altafsir Ibn Kathir for this)
Q 21:33 -- Day and Night at it's course 'swim' (hadith for it) Q 36:38 all floating/swim Ibn Kathir tafsir Q 36:37-40

Q 21:30 -- Don't the unbelievers see, that Heavens and Earth were joined all living creatures made from water (Islam BIG BANG) ><Q 79:28 Q 66:1-4 -- MOLLY n 2 WIVES (Aisha & Hafsa) Allah n Jibril, angels & all muslims came to help (re Mary the copt) > <Q 24:26
Q 31:10 -- He created the heavens W/ NO PILLARS that ye can see.  Parallel to Q 13:2 lifted by column & there's mountain Q 50:1
Q 41:10 -- He placed MOUNTAINS over its surface -- Creation (the whole chapter about creation but in chaos/ not in order)
Q 26:195 -- Qur'an in a clear PLAIN ARABIC / Qur'an in Arabic speech

Q 43:61 -- JESUS is the straight path way follow Him  <------ Q 11:56 -- my Lord is on the 'STRAIGHT PATH' /siratul mustakin
Q 51:56 -- Allah made humankind & jinn ONLY to worship Allah
Q 57:22 -- TAKDIR, everything already being decreed before existence
Q 3:55 -- JESUS UP THERE! He is ALIVE. Allah will mutawafeeka/mati & mutahiruka u myself(JESUS BEING SUNAT by Allah)
Q 33:51 -- Allah hasten Molly sexual desire (hadith here)

Q 36:13 -- we sent 2 but they denied so we sent the 3rd to strengthened them (Ibn Kathir)  the messengers were Simon, John, Paul.
Q 9:49 -- they like the blondes (Ibn Kathir)
Q 20:115 -- Satan is an enemy to thee & thy wife (they were all in Heaven) > < Q 20:36 > < Q 7:11-16 Allah let Satan's astray/misguided
Q 59:16-18 -- SATAN IS MUSLIM & Satan is a believer of Allah Q 59:20 Allah chased Satan out of Heaven, but he still can be at heaven
Q 27:19 -- SOLOMON boom2 99 females talked to a female ANT/ Namlah, though Solomon being taught the language of birds/hoopoe (Q 27:16).

Q 5:112 -- O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down a table spread with food from heaven? (they didn't eat fear of poison)
Q 86:7 -- gushing fluid emerging from between (the loins of man) the backbone and the ribs
Q 5:82 -- CHRISTIANS who are not arrogant nor proud are nice to Islam (this is to divide & conquer) > < Q 5:14 andQ 5:51
Q 18:50 -- SATAN'S PROGENY (see tafseer alqortobi) Allaah created for him in his right thigh a male and a virgin in his left. He is going out with this in this way, so every day he comes out with 10 eggs, and 70 devils sand demons come out of every egg side note: Satan made of FIRE, how one makes sex?! SATAN being let loose at the sun set until darkest part of night
Q 5:21 -- enter the holy land, land of the Jews (Allah is Zionist ? )

Q 17:60 -- MOLLYNIGHT JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM (hadith here) (Shiah Source)
Q 2:29 -- He created the Earth and then He ROSE Himself
Q 5:90 -- how one can be in heaven when ALCOHOL is forbidden contradicts Q 16:67
Q 3:54 -- Allah the best deceiver/Makr (Q 7:99, Q 8:30, Q 8:43-44, Q 10:21, Q 13:42, Q 19:83,Q 4:157)
Q 55:15 -- And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire. (hadith here) parallel to Q 15:27 Q 57:25 -- Iron send down by Allah
Q 55:35 -- smokeless flame of fire
Q 15:18 -- Except one who steals a hearing and is pursued by a clear burning flame.
Q 22:32 --  the symbols of Allah - indeed, it is from the piety of hearts. (taqwa of heart by sacrificial/ animal qurban)
Q 51:47 -- Heaven we constructed with our hands (tafsir here) also Allah hands Q 39:67,Q 38:75

Q 69:40 -- Qur'an was written by man speech of a noble messenger Q 81:19
Q 3:144 -- ALL MESSENGERS passed away, meaning JESUS TOO! (hadith here)
Q 2:158 -- Indeed, as-Safa (little tiny hell) & al-Marwah among the symbols of Allah touched when performing tawaf. (tafsir Ibn Kathir)
Q 36:55-58 -- Indeed the companions of Paradise all look the same, that Day, will be amused in [joyful busy deflowering virgins] occupation(DAHMAN DAHMAN)
Q 47:35 -- Do not sign PEACE, unless weaken (uppermost)  parallel toQ 3:139

Q 33:27 -- all the land are theirs by ALLAH COMMAND needs to get them back by JIHAD
Q 25:5 -- tales of the ancients like punishment of the grave  (torment with iron hammer/mallet)
Q 25:45 -- His perfect power to create various things and pairs of opposites. (sun & moon, day & night)
Q 39:5 -- Allah made alternating the night and day.
Q 7:54 -- Creation in 6 days, the sun runs on its fixed course for a term (appointed)

Q 10:71 -- FLOOD OF NOAH REGIONAL (local flood) there is alsoflood in time of Moses?
Q 11:42 -- FLOOD of NOAH (tafseer Ibn Kathir) and Noah's Ark and FATWA regarding Noah's flood
Q 17:94-95 -- Allah send angels ONLY to angels! how come Molly seeing angel?(means MOLLY LIAR) contradiction in qur'an Q 4:82
Q 34:12 -- Solomon 1 month journey in the morning & evening, fountain of copper & jinn
Q 2:210 -- Ride the clouds (Deuteronomy 33:26, Isaiah 19:1, Daniel 7:13, Psalm 68:4, Psalm 104.1-4, Mark 14.61-62,Acts 1:9)

Q 9:14 -- Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands (fight to KILL THEM)
Q 8:12 -- torture before kill, strike their neck, smite their fingers, cast terror into their hearts
Q 18:74 -- kill INNOCENT BOYtafsir here
Q 19:71-72 -- ALL MUSLIMS GO TO HELL & will be separated from there onwards
Q 24:21 -- Islam believe that Salvation only by the grace and mercy (hadith for this)

Q 32:13-14-- Allah's will that hell will be filled with mandkind and jinns
Q 11:119 -- Allah save them with his mercy and grace alone and some for hell incl jinn n mankind /predestined
Q 19:64 -- Gabriel and we (angels) descent only when Allah say so
Q 12:111 -- Qur'an explains ALL THINGS and guide clearly! Q 6:114 andQ 16:89 -- explained ALL THINGS contradicts Q 17:1
Q 2:79 -- (And there are among them Ummyyun people) meaning, among the People of the Book, as Mujahid stated (tafseer Ibn Kathir)

Q 69:43-46 -- MOLLY ARTERY / AORTA CUT OFF (Q 69:46 hadith) chain in the anus Q 69:25 70 cubits
Q 2:238 -- dawn prayer and middle prayer Q 24:58 night prayer i.e 3 times prayers (but in hadith 5 times prayers)
Q 19:80 -- And We will inherit himQ 15:23 We are the inheritor (allah has son?)
Q 21:89 - and when he cried unto his Lord: My Lord! Leave me not childless, though Thou art the Best of inheritors.

Q 61:14 -- Allah gives Victory to the Believing Group (tafsir Ibn Kathir) parallel to Q 3:52 tafsir Ibn Kathir Q 10:62 helper of allah

Q 55:22 -- what is love?Q 3:31-32 allah is not so loving!
Q 36:14 -- BULUS was sent DOING MIRACLES and being called liar/lying?!
Q 5:17-18 -- Allah is spiritual Fath
Q 2:143 -- changing direction of salat from bait al maqdis(Jerusalem) for 16-17 months and then facing Ka'bah (Makkah)
Q 5:18, Q 9:30, Q 19:88-93 -- We are sons of Allah. The Messiah is the son of Allah. The Beneficent hath taken unto Himself a son  

Q 5:117 -- JESUS died
Q 21:81 -- Flying Carpet of SOLOMON a man made of wood, Shayatin the diver & builder work for Sulayman (Tafsir Ibn Kathir) parallel to Q 38: 36-38 tafseer here and Solomon ring mentioned
Q 108:3 -- Molly CUT OFF/ no penis
Q 29:49 -- Bible is preserved
Q 31:27 -- All God words can not be contained

Q 9:60 -- Molly BRIBE people to embrace Islam
Q 25:33 -- Quran is called the best tafsir, yet there is more detail in Ibn Kathir
Q 27:20 -- Solomon and his Hoopoe Bird, Solomon Flying Carpet Q 34:12
Q 55:27 -- Allah's name bounty, majesty and honor parallel to Q 17:100 al rahman <-- regarding best 'names' of allah
Q 17:110 -- Muhammad used to call unto one Allah; now he is calling unto two gods: Allah and the Beneficent/ al rahman (related to Q 27:30)

Q 6:76-78 -- According to Molly Abraham changed his Lord all the time
Q 27:63 -- Allah has hand, foot
Q 16:8 -- Allah created Mule, horses, donkeys
Q 55:72 -- fair ones (HOURIS) reserved in pavillions
Q 3:169 -- martyrs the soul in greenbird in chandelier

Q 68:15 -- tales story (all the silly stories in Qur'an)
Q 24:31 -- allah said VAGINA
Q 43:3-4 -- Umm kitab / qur'an is mother of the book
Q 2:23 -- Make better Qur'an
Q 6:108 -- Molly mocking other pagan believers and the other believers will defend back!

Q 6:93-94 -- Abd Allah ibn Sa'd ibn Abi Sarh, milk brother of Uthman renounced Islam because he doubted Molly as a truthful person [so blessed be allah 'the best of CREATORS (plural?)]
Q 24:61-- no blame to eat at your own house (what is this all about!) parallel toQ 48:17
Q 20:123 -- in Paradise there are70 dragons (missing in tafseer ofibn Kathir)
Q 6:21 -- Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies against Allah, or denies His revelations?
Q 9:115 -- Allah will lead to astraytafsir here

Q 47:3-4 -- those who disbelieve follow falsehood, qatilu/kill
Q 6:44-45 -- give everything then kill them, this is scheme of allah the deceiver
Q 8:67 -- take captive and masacre, fight and kill the disbeliever (abrogated to Q. 47:4)
Q 4:16 -- homo/ adultery punish them with sandals
Q 2:172 -- eating dead animals for those who are inneed of it for survival is not only permissible but required

Q 2:38 -- Adam, Eve, peacock and Satan went down from heaven Q 33:69 because the abused Moses Q 8:73
Q 4:155-159 -- some violated their covenant, dajjal is the messiah, isa not being crucified but 'RAISED' by allah himself?! (allah so confused!)
Q 9:113 -- no forgiveness for inhabitants of the Hell-fire, concerning Molly's uncle Abu Thalib
Q 47:19 -- NO God except God (? stupid statement! when there is 'no' stick with NO!)
Q 5:106 -- regarding witness to marriage, and death: 2 witnesses

Q 13:13 -- thunder is an angel proclaims praises 'subhana lah wa bi-hamdihi
Q 4:59 -- anything differ, refer it to obey Allah and obey the Messenger
Q 39:23 -- qur'an is a collection of chat/ hadiths
Q 65:12 -- allah created 7 heaven and talk about divorceQ 65:4
Q 22 :47 -- a day with your Lord is like 1000 years of which you count distance of earth and paradise 500 years

Q 2: 35 -- Adam being tested by allah Iblis didn't wanna prostrate to Adam
Q 58:12 -- Molly asked money before you see him in private
Q 3:61 -- This is how Molly doing dialoque (bring your son, wives & let us 'CURSE' each other) and Q 9:29 Kill kill kill
Q 34:13 -- Statue, images being ordered to make (Islam has idols - stealing verses from 1 Kings 6)
Q 7:145 -- We wrote for him, upon the tablets (allah gave tablets not kitab)Q 3:93

Q 5:5 -- allows Muslim to eat pork
Q 19:17 -- We sent unto her Our Spirit and it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man
Q 78:38 -- On the day when the angels and the Spirit stand arrayed, they speak not, saving him whom the Beneficent alloweth and who speaketh right.
Q 19:1 -- Kaf Ha Ya A'in Sad (Christ is GOD/ The Messiah is my God in Aramaic language,  ARABIC letters and numbers = 90% Aramaic, 10% other languages)
Q 10:92 -- Allah saved Pharaoh

Q 17:103 -- Pharaoh drowned
Q 5:64 -- Allah has two hands?! And the Jews say,"The hand of Allah is chained."
Q 4:119 -- ALLAH is SATAN (d one who forsake Allah take Satan as his Lord) >< Q 13:27 Allah deceives,Q 16:93 Allah will stray d one he wants, Q 35:8, Q 74:31, Q 2:7
Q 24:3 -- Adulterer marry adulterest (contradicts Deuteronomy 22:13-30 regarding marriage violation)
Q 16:58 -- Allah don't like female parallel to Q 4:117

Q 6:115,Q 10:64,Q 18:27  ---> nobody can change the word of allah
Q 3: 1-80 -- 'suppose to be' from allah (Q 3:7 the best part)
Q 2:223 -- your wife is your tilth
Q 18:61- -- story of Al Khadir (fairy tale story) parallel toQ 8:31,Q 23:83
Q 2:228 --3 months period for divorced women and Q 33:49 no waiting period for divorced women who didn't have sex

Q 2:268 -- Satan tempt you by Sex/Adultery, Q 5:90 Drugs/Alcohol,Q 4:120 Riches, Prestige and all that you wishes
Q 35:1 -- Angel with two, three, four wings and Muhammad saw Jibril with 600 wings
Q 44: 51-53 -- in jannah/heaven river of milk, honey, and great tasting wine
Q 56:10-40 -- in jannah/heaven will be given silk clothing, furniture, given shade, trees with fruits, silver cup, wishes granted/ all your desires
Q 76:11-21 -- Islam ridicilous jannah still parallel to Q 56:36 made them virgin tafsir here Dahman Dahman! Q 56:27-40 -- regarding paradise/jannah in Islam man will be able to have sexual intercourse with a hundred virgins in one day. One age equal age 33 years old! tafsir here
Q 15:31-42 -- Satan made qur'an by rhyme (ending 'IN' in Arabic) / try to make sajak n Molly followed Satan (only sinners follow Satan/ Satan has authority over the sinners in Islam)
Q 20:86 -- Moses not happy
Q 2:245 -- Allah takes loan (is allah miskin, we should bribe allah now?) fight for allah's caused (Q 2:244)!
Q 53:3-4 -- It is but a revelation revealed (wahi as revelation)

Q 2:120 -- The Jews and Christians did not believe Muhammad
Q 79:30 -- And after that He spread the earth, (science in Islam?!) DAHAHA
Q 18:94 -- Dul Qarnain (Alexander The Great) Gog and Magog
Q 66:4 -- Hafsa and Aisha fight and Molly needed help from allah and all

Q 75:4 -- restore bones, they think about finger tips/print.(miracle of re reinterpretation)
Q 7:166 -- Then, when they rebelled against the commands to refrain, We said to them, “Be despicable apes.”
Q 55:17 -- Lord of two east and two west in Islam
Q 2:31-34 -- Allah taught Adam all names and angels prostrated before Adam
Q 3:3-4 -- He hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture with truth, confirming that which was (revealed) before it, even as He revealed the Torah and the Gospel.

Q 47:2 -- And those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad 
Q 26:193 -- brought down by the Trustworthy Spirit, Gabriel, (Jibril has spirit but allah no?!)
Q 60: 8-9 -- regarding gifts to Aisha



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TAQIYYA TAFSEER (LIE TAFSIR QUR'AN 3:28)             SAHIH BUKHARI online MOLLY CURSING Jews & Christians (until stone says come there's a Jew hiding behind me also /muslim/54/105) MOLLY's attempted suicide ALLAH MADE MOLLY FORGOT (  QURAN VERSES (Q 2:106) qur'an being compiled and next Uthman ordered to burn the rest him, a murder may bear the burden of his own sin and the sin of the victim contradicts Q 6:164 Molly didn't make a will but regarding book of Allah PICTURE/IDOL WILL BE PUNISHED MAKE PICTURE/ IDOLATERY WILL BE PUNISHED punished on the resurrection day: the image-makers Molly poking idol (antiChrist) isn't 1 eyed, short, hen-toed, wooly haired (allah saying he's messiah/not human) if you are confused, know that your Lord is NOT one eyed blind in one right eyed like swollen grape Dajjal will be followed by 70k Jews of Isfahan dressed in robes of green coloured satin CAN GIVE LIFE = Allah (ALLAH alone gives life Q 2:28, Q 40:11) why did dajjal is 'false MESSIAH' not false Allah? DAJJAL will break crosses, kill swine, abolish Jizyah DAJJAL will destroy the Antichrist & live on the earth 40 yrs & die pay JIZYAH (Q 9:29) Allah's enemy disappear like SALT DISSOLVES in water, Allah kill n show their blood in JESUS lance (dajjal will not melt but evil) QATI QATI said Allah (foot of allah) foot of allah saying qati qati Allah has foot saying qati qati! Allah has 2 hands both are right hands  (no left hand because of this? --> & Allah's SHIN (Q 68:42) Allah's 99 Names (Daif) not limited to 99 only who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise knows them will go to Paradise (but Islam paradise is ugly full of endless P, V and Bottocks in miles!)  here name of Allah Unity of Aalah (TAWHEED) Moses al-ala/ the most high (Q 20: 67-68)

https://www.answering- SHIRK DOING MUSHYRK/SHIRK -- false prophet -- whatever Allah's will and you will by the Kabah Molly said obey him means you are obeying Allah (Molly euquals to Allah) are the best of people as to bring chains on their necks till they embrace Islam (this is Islam BEST OF MANKIND WITH CHAIN AT NECK (this is Islam according to Molly
YOU ARE THE BEST OF PEOPLE (Q3:110) KILL WOMAN and children of the polytheists on the night raid and the tree because they are from them KILL A WOMAN who was histerical looking at her whole family being killed summoning the polytheists (to Islam) Juwairiyyah daughter of Al Harith was obtained -- good tradition YA WADUD 100x for renewing love  say bismillah before having sex HAVING INTERCOUSE SAY BISMILLAH SATAN NEVER BE ABLE TO HARM HIM (check this one) Molly entered the mosque, say: I seek refuge in Allah, the Magnificent, and in His noble face, and in his eternal domain, from the accursed Devil IN PARADISE THERE IS MARKET also tree in paradise rider will have to travel 100 years
in paradise 80k servants & 72 wives (Q 52:24)  and paradise has 100 levels people enter paradise will have NO BODY HAIR and kuhl eyeliner, thirty years of age or thirty-three years. Whoever says, 'Subhan Allah wa bihamdihi,' one hundred times a day, will be forgiven all his sins and saying la ila ha ilala 100 times a day sin will be forgiven Allahu Akbar one hundred times, praise Allah (say Al-Hamdu Lillah) 100x, and glorify Allah (say Subhan-Allah) one hundred times say here is no god but Allah, the One...and Hallowed be Allah, & all praise is due to Him 100 times, sin will be erased! anyone says amin, angel says amin, their sins will be forgiven PENIS never flaccid (limp/ soft) you will have ENDLESS PENIS 72 wives, 2 from houris, 70 inheritance from the people of Hell & vagina can accomodate him in Paradise

RACIST (one on left shoulder, one on right shoulder) --- Abu Darda reported that Molly said: Allah created Adam WHITE OR BLACK also related to i am AL-JAZASSA/Beast Messenger (RACISM even in Paradise)  Q 27:82 4 RIVERS Saihan (Oxus), Jaihan (Jaxartes), Al-Furat (Euphrates) and An-Nil (Nile) are all from the rivers of Jannah, Jaihan, Euphrates and Nile are all among the RIVERS OF PARADISE river 2 GARDENS SILVER 2 GARDENS GOLD 300 slave/ servant boys in Jannah/ heaven all of the sudden weak/daif hadith (BUT ACCEPTED/PASSED!) you will get minimum of 1000 servants/person in jannah IN PARADISE WANT CHILD WILL CONCEIVE AS GROWNUP believer, when he desires A CHILD IN PARADISE, PREGNANT completed in an hour as he desires. MOLLY PEED, A MAN GREETED HIM URINE is main cause of PUNISHMENT in the grave (Q 25:5) grave will squeeze everyone (religion of fear monger) SLEDGEHAMMER in the grave Aisha asked about punishment of the grave (torment of the grave urine is main cause of Punishment of the grave Molly seek refuge also fromhelplessness, laziness, cowardice, feeble old age; afflictions of life and death torment or punishment of the grave 2 angels and two old ladies from among the jewish ladies came to Aisha understanding Jewish torment of the grave ALLAH ENJOYS TORTURE (Q 69:32 chain from your nostril to your buttock) i forbade you to visit graves, eat sacrificial meat after 3days now OK. Molly cursed women who visited graves Molly visited his mother's grave Molly asked permission to visit his mom's grave Three WE SENT 2 MESSENGERS, SHAM'UN & YUHANNA & 3rd WAS BULUS, and the city was ANTIOCH (Antakiyah) see this,, KISSING MAN he Prophet (ﷺ) then raised his shirt and the man embraced him and began to kiss his side (SO HOMO) punishment for homo beat with sandals (Q 4:16) EFFIMINATE/GAY IMAM LEAD SHALAT(Q 14:6 tafsir here) Molly 'embrace me' (what is this embrace here!) who raises his head before the Imam Allah may transform his head of  into that of figure of face a donkey 50 prayers became 10 times prayers and then 5 prayers time/day (night journey of Molly found 4 rivers in Paradise) and (book of Salah) Molly story regarding paradise ON FRIDAY WILL BE SUBMITED TO MOLLY Bilal was the one who ordered to do Adhan for prayers (call of prayer) Molly ask Bilal to announced Molly as servant of allah & none will enter paradise but believer, may allah support Islam religion (al Qadar) STILL a slave until MOLLY DIED BOY MUST DO SHALAT at 7 years BEAT THEM until they can recite quran DOWN SIT DOWN ACT DIFFERENTLY (used to stand up in funeral) don't wear sandals n shoes! do the opposite of Christians and Jews, dye your grey hair and beards Molly dyed his hair to red or yellow, black is haram! anyone said Muhammad was black must be killed! re black shoes yellow shoes LIE ALLOWED IN 3 CASES'S NOT LAWFUL TO LIE EXCEPT 3 CASES MAN LIE TO PUT THINGS RIGHT, IN WAR, LIE TO WIFE, OK SAFIYA being raped IN KHAIBAR also given from Dihya Al Kalbi 2 Molly Molly being cheap, no dowry but being free from slavery Safiya being made mother of believer Safiya being bought for seven slaves &  Safiyyah first fell to Dihyat Al Kalbi, then she fell to the Apostle of Allaah(ﷺ)  Molly stayed 3 days with Safiya and consumated the marriage Molly being raped by his own cousin Abu Soffian Ibn Harith bin Abdel Motalib no minimum age for marriage

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DIVORCE AND NOT PAYING IDDAH(wisdom of talaq) regarding divorce MOLLY advice to divorce or enjoy your wife DIVINE WILL / TAKDIR deed wrote 4 me hadith 6594 DESTINY IN ISLAM HADITH 2643

In ISLAM ALLAH put names who will enter your vagina/ pussy (TAKDIR/ DESTINY) Allah would deliver to every Muslim a Jew or a Christian and say: That is your rescue from Hell-Fire Allah would forgive them and He would place in their stead the Jews and the Christians YOU HAVE TO COMMIT SIN, or Allah would replace (you by) people who would commit sin BABY BEING BORN IN FITRAH and being fit to hell/ death children of unbeliever (will go to Hell, predistination in Islam) and Aisha said how fortunate he is one of the little birds of paradise boy that Al-Khidr killed was destined to be a disbeliever the day he was created The boy whom al-Khidr had killed was created an infidel
the boy may not grow very old till (he would see) the Last Hour coming to you at the last hour the horns of Satan, i.e. the east (Romans) satan head comes out from the east Muslim are not suppose to be punished to kill unbelievers (i.e Christians) only Islam is the innocent people according to Islam at the last hour or judgement day knowledge will be taken away: 1 man will get 50 women Allah will slaughter death at the judgement day, why? BEWITCHED PROPHET FOR SUCH AND SUCH (imagining having sex) PROPHET BEWITCHED Molly was under the effect of magicand  /bukhari/76/80 Molly NEVER talked to Allah

SATANIC VERSES AL LAT, AL UZZA, MANAT (Q 53:19-20) parallel to Q 22:52 and Q 81:25 ---> MOLLY'S DEVIL AL ABYAD SATAN COMMANDED MUHAMMAD not evil, BUT FOR GOOD/ SATAN TEMPTS EVERYONE Aisha asked if Satan is with everyone including Molly and the answer is yes. (Q 17:64 Satan deceived) Gabriel didn't come to MOLLY's so one of the Quraish women said the devil deserted him gates of Hell are locked and the devils are chained on RAMADAN (Ramadan prayers, past sin will be forgiven gates of hell closed on Ramadan FASTING DAY OF ASHURA (for one who is travelling, if you can not fast it's OK ALLAH USED TO KISS ME WHILE FASTING MOLLY FONDLE Aisha WHILE FASTING in his LIMB (li irbihi) Molly fondle while Aisha having her period embrace me when i am having period Molly wrapped towel to fondle me when i am having my menses MOLLY BEAT / STRUCK AISHA's CHEST Aisha freed 40 slaves! and (Molly was NOT poor) Molly owned slave, sell slave, master of slavery! and MOLLY BREAK FAST/SAUM WITH DATES, WATER  MOLLY PEE by squatting, not standing! He would not urinate except while squatting used to wash the semen off Molly's clothes (ﷺ) & used to notice one or more spots on them (semen and wet dream) Aisha clean semen from Molly's clothes Ishmael story according to Molly regarding water SUCKLING, AISHA GIVE HER SISTER SUCKLING GROWN UP
SUCKLING 10X but only 3x became ill STONING & BREASTFEEDING ADULT TAME SHEEP (FATWA 12905) EAT QURAN BREASTFEEDING VERSES AND STONE PEOPLE TO DEATH tame sheep ate the qur'an verses tame sheep ate the qur'an verses wife of Molly forever,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Urine/The_Prophets_Urine Molly's urine/ pee drank by Umm Salamah (Tabarani Kabir 20740, Mustadrak al-Hakim 6912, Dalail al-Nubuwwah li-Isfahani 355)
rebutal: and STONING BECAUSE OF FORNICATION MONKEYS DO INTERCOURSE/SYARIAH LAW Whoever engages in sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman, or a woman in her anus, consults a soothsayer DO NOT SALUTE JEWS & CHRISTIANS (SEWAGE) SUHAYL IBN ABUSALIH NO SALUTATION of the book to walk at Narrow's path of the road don't greet them first MOLLY GET FIFTH OF THE BOOTY MOLLY KEPT OFF FIFTH OF THE BOOTY MOLLY TOOK FIFTH OF BOOTY OF KAYBAR Umar narrated i will expel Jews & Christians from Arabian Peninsula EXPEL JEWS & CHRISTIAN FROM ARABIAN PENINSULA EXPEL JEWS & CHRISTIAN FR ARABIAN SAHIH MUSLIM MUSLIM HEAVY SINS AS MOUNTAINS ALLAH FORGIVES at the resurrection day The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews... "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him." kill the Jews behind the tree...but Al-Gharqad tree will not say so, for it is the tree of the Jews. COMMIT ADULTERY IS FIXED IN ISLAM (even the amount of doing adultery & the one that being stoned is woman) ADULTERY of the eye is the looking (sinful), and the adultery of the tongue is to utter (bad mouthing) ADULTERY must bring 4 WITNESSES (half brain Q 2:282WOMEN MAJORITY IN HELL two women is equal to that one man, because lack of inteligent in religion & menstruation naked woman 500 years
women lacking in discernment and religion, therefore half brain! and Molly SHAVED his whole body started w/ his private area, coating it with hair removing chemical MOLLY ASKED WOMEN to shave their pubic hair, pluck hair from their faces namisah pluck hair from brow, mutanammisah depilates hair, washimah tattoos in face CURSED WOMEN who don't wanna have sex with hubby Angels shows modesty to Uthman (MOLLY NAKED) also here the Kopt virgin wive a husband should stay a week (Umm Salama), previously married 3 days Molly was not good at math! Molly claimed he's a good husband to his wives (re Umm Salama wet dream Molly stayed 29 days more regarding Umm Salama, Hafsa and Aisha (two women against Molly) Molly had sex with 11 of his wives (actually 9 wives [infact the sex part was only in his head]) and only had SINGLE BATH - power of 30 men indeed! MOLLY intercouse 9 wives but took ONLY 1 bath ADULTERER punish by death Prophet (ﷺ) prohibited them from returning to the women from a journey during the night. (hadith here) Molly said don't enter upon Al Mughibar (women husbands absent) but Molly is safe ADAM DIDN'T accept being blamed for sin he commited, being ordered/FORCED BY ALLAH Adam & Moses disputed also  Adam did Allah decreed (40 years before) Moses & ALLAH wrote Torah. Muhammad agreed with Adam repeating the statement 3 times (Q 2:36) Adam overpowered Moses Molly put the fault on Adam as the first to introduce killing you blame me for a matter which had been ordained Adam blaming Eve ADAM's length is 60 CUBITS like Allah's image (ADAM's created before sunset on FRIDAY hadith here) (pbuh) after 'Asr on Friday; the last creation at the last hour of the hours of Friday, 7 days creation now?! (Q 17:11) Adam was fashioned in Paradise, He left him as He like him to leave. Shaytan flows in the son of Adam LIKE BLOOD FLOWS
all the sons of adam are all sinners (grade Hasan) Molly admits original sin? ALLAH PROMISE BECOME WHITER THAN MOON IN HEAVEN/ HOURIS / XRAY WOMEN SATAN FART WHEN HEAR CALLS OF PRAYER PLAYS W/ YOUR BUM, must conceal yourself be4 go to toilet (use stone to wipe ass - DAIF shiabook orالكتب/1807_عمدة-القاري-العيني-ج-٢/الصفحة_251 ) THE PROPHET SAID LAST NIGHT BIG DEMON CAME/ AFREET CAME TO ME MOSES PUNCH ANGEL OF DEATH, MOSES DIDN'T WANNA DIE CROWING COCK, BRAYING DONKEY MEANS SEEN SATAN get married for 4 (four) reasons (related to Molly n Khadijah got the daddy drunk )

Khadijah got her daddy drunk to marry Molly AISHA 6 YEARS OLD MARRIED AND CONSUMMATED AT 9 and Aisha lived with Molly for 9 years wedlock marriage (ALLOWED marrying daughter born out of wedlock tafsir Q 25:54 ) and Molly marrying Aisha at 7 and he died when she was 18 AISHA STILL PLAYING w/ DOLL WHEN GOT MARRIED AISHA married at 6 and play with doll AISHA PLAYING w/ DOLL MOLLY DIED WHEN AISHA 18 years (ISLAMWEB.NET) regarding Molly marrying Aisha at 6yrs AISHA SAW WOMAN GREEN SPOT BEATEN BY HER HUBBY not legal to ask why man beat his wife (daif) A MAN SHOULD NOT BE ASKED WHY BEAT HIS WIFE (grade hasan) Habibah being beaten by his husband our wives are a tilth for your, so go to your tilth when or how you will (Q 2:223) a man has intercourse with his wife through the vagina but being on her back. the child will have squint, so the verse came down:" Marrying two in one night (LGBT) and having sex with mother inlaw regarding Juwairiya being taken and raped by Molly when he attacked bani Mustaliq regarding a man confessed of raping a woman but he was not being punished WIVES OF MOLLY FIGHTING OVER GIFT        (Hafsa not happy about Mary the Copt) DEMANDS JUSTICE OVER AISHA, MOLLY SAID NO

DO NOT HURT ME REGARDING AISHA only came with Aisha's cloth) MOLLY GET INSPIRATION from Allah WHEN WEARING AISHA DRESS/ THAUB Sauda gave her days to Aisha as long as she's not being divorced by Molly SUPERIORITY OF AISHA like THARID CURSE are those who behave effeminately and those women whose behavior is masculine MOLLY ASKED IF JABEER MARRY VIRGIN OR NOT? MOLLY ASKED JABEER TO MARRY CHILD TO SPORT (Abdullah died left 7/9 daughters) "Why have you not married a virgin to fondle with each other?"

THE LONGEST TIME A WOMAN CAN STAY PREGNANT as we know Molly born 4 years after his dad Abdullah died MOLLY's boyfriend the Prophet (ﷺ) , performed ablution, Molly's companions were nearly fighting for the remains of the water Molly's water being shared as if Molly is god? Who does he think he is? SHIRK! PERFORM WUDHU WELL OF BUD'AH SAHIH ALBANI SAHIH DARUSALLAM SAHIH ALLAH HASTEN's MOLLY DESIRE used to feel jealous of those women said Aisha (Q 33:50-51)

MOLLY LUST ON WOMAN Molly can 'nikah' her immediately (ANY WOMEN) tafseer for Q 33:50 and 16 privileges of Molly hadith Temporary marriage/ MUTAH (Q 4:24)(Q 5:87) (Q 66:1) question about having sex with slave woman muslim/16/36 all can marry right hand posses fatwa regarding marriage MUTAH permitted then abrogated (again) then forbidden (ok at the time of Molly, Abu Bakar & Umar) also (Mutah still allowed after Molly died) doing coitus interruptus with war booty women Mutah permited Muttah permitted in the year of  victory unmarried slave doing illegal intercourse flog her 50 stripes ( MOLLY ASK FORGIVENESS 70 TIMES A DAY CREATION WERE MADE ONLY FOR MUHAMMAD SATAN PEE IN EARS SATAN PUT 3 KNOTS at the back of head SATAN PUT 3 KNOTS  (Q 113:4) DURING SLEEP SATAN PUT 3 KNOTS DEVILS TIED 3 KNOTS 3 KNOTS UNDONE 1 wudhu 2 pray to allah 3 start day cheerful 3 KNOTS UNTIE
SATAN SPENT NIGHT IN NOSE /AIR BNB and before having intercourse must say the name of allah SATAN SPEND NIGHT IN INTERIOR NOSE and if you don't mention the name of allah while entering a house or eat Satan will sleep & have meal there MA'UL HAYAT/WATER OF LIFE, mark prostration on forehead, allah comes w/ shape they know (DIFFERENT SHAPE before) Jahiliyyah time, Ummah should stick and obey Amir, Molly commanded KHALAM(3 people actions not recorded: a sleeping person, a child, and an insane person) mugharibun/ JINN having sex with woman SATAN HAVE SEX WITH YOUR WOMAN then you have gay children woman asked is that the one they call him the SABIANS THIS IS QURAN / DIVINE INSPIRATION,  when Waraqa died no/ paused divine inspiration I HAVE BEEN MADE VICTORIOUS WITH TERROR also also/muslim/5/8 and /muslim/5/11 MOLLY BEING HELPED BY TERROR (in the hearts of the enemies) gouge eyes MOLLY CUT HANDS, gouge eyes (37/74 too) CUT HAND for STEALING EGG STEALING EGG hand cut off, stealing rope hand cut off too, contradicts hadith but pilfiller no cut hand? stealing egg CUT OFF his hand, cut off his foot, cut cut cut! 4th time, 5th time kill MOLLY MADE VICTORIUS BY 1 MONTH JOURNEY (5 things been given as prophet) VICTORIOUS BY 1 MONTH JOURNEY BY 1 MONTH JOURNEY

h fight until they testify no god but allahand fight until they believe & worship allah BOOK OF JIHAD, Molly being commanded by Allah to kill Molly killed anyone who has hair! fight n prohibition of BLOODSHED with JIHAD to do jihad for paradise and hold your tongue another hadith la ila ha ilala Molly being equal to allah (sahada Q 3:18 to be able to enter paradise 5 pillars of Islam and /nasai/37/7 fight people until they say la ila ha ilala fight til they say none has the right to worship but Allah Molly wanted to be martyred and get resurrected again and martyred and resurrected again (JIHAD) CONVERT TO ISLAM OR DIE (parallel to Q 110:1-2 claimed victory by war) CHANGE RELIGION KILL HIM! up to COMMANDED to Kill until say la ila ha ilalah diyya (blood money), ransom & law no Muslim should be punished for killing unbeliever ad diyat, Muslim can kill a kafir no punishment for Muslim of killing infidel parallel to (Q 11:17, Q 3:85, Q 3:19, Q 25:55) A free man should not be subjected to retaliation in return for a slave blood money for dhimmah is 1/2 of Muslim a woman being killed because disparage and slander Molly and the killer set free! this is authentic her blood is permissable and the blind husband who killed his Umm Walad get away from murdered Obey Molly means obey Allah. Is Molly = Allah or he thinks himself as Allah? SHIRK! CUMMIN for all diseases except death NIGELLA SEED is remedy for every disease FEVER IS FROM JAHANNAM that has 7 gates (put it out with water) will be like SNAKE back to IT'S HOLE (start strange will revert back) Madina will be left in the best way until a dog or wolf enters it and urinates on one of the pillars of the mosque or on the mimbar (END OF ISLAM) DOGS urinated in mosque (all related to dogs here) ANGELS CAN NOT ENTER A HOUSE WITH IMAGE, DOG or JUNUB PERSON  dogs of Allah: hadit story and islamweb Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler, Molly said. (he didn't get a chance to meet queen of England) BLACK DOG is EVIL/SATAN woman, dog, and ass Woman are equal to ASS/DONKEY women are evil black dog black scorpion KILL DOGS, short-tailed snakes! MOLLY ordered kill dogs except hunting dogs or dogs for herding livestocks! kill black dogs because they are evil kill them all the black dogs! when you see women (evil) you have to go back to your wife EATING LIZARD FLY as medicine (fly falls in the drink, dip it and take it out) Fly into cooking vessel dip it dip it! one wing of fly is desease another wing is the cure CURSED INTO RATS won't drink SHE CAMEL milk but sheep URINE & camel milk for medicine 'why don't you go to the flock' (camel dung ANDthis) the shepherd and drove away the camels drink the milk and urine. Molly told them to drink camel milk and camel urine to get better some people from Urainah arrived in Al Madinah felt sick Your ABDOMEN LIED TO YOU, drink honey AS MEDICINE

MOLLY DIED AND DECOMPOSED (poison by Zainab Bint Al-Harith) also this one his successor is Abu Bakr MOLLY spit over his body before he died MOLLY urinated before he died MOLLY asked to pee before he died STILL FEEL POISON AT AL KHAIBAR aorta being cut off / AJWA can't cure Molly! A Jewess brought a poisoned (cooked) sheep Zaynab Bint Al Harith i have determined to kill you, Molly! the Jewess brought poison Bashir ibn al-Bara' ibn Ma'rur al-Ansari died. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) then ordered regarding her and she was killed. 7 ajwa in the morning SEVEN AJWA/ 7 DATES FOR HEALTH no poison or magic will take you MOLLY SAID HIS BODY WON'T DECAY! Among the most excellent of your days is Friday owning a slave is sufficient permit to enjoying her sexually like in mutah (Q 23:5-6) intercourse with a slave woman not a zina ruling on sexual intercourse with one's polytheistic slave woman. Satan's look the other way around when Umar is there. Umar happy to see Molly's smile The black slave woman put away the duff (grade Hasan) ethiopian HEAD LIKE A RAISIN & saw angel with 600 WINGS Q 53:9-10 Q 53:1 MOLLY BELIEVE IN THEE (placed oath on torah), Molly also swear by Fig and the Olive
Sunan Abu Dawud Book 38, Number 4434 BOOK WITH THEM MOLLY PLACED OATH ALLAH WROTE TORAH WITH HIS OWN HAND and Molly swear on torah SEND GREETINGS TO MOLLY Alahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala ali Muhammad When any human being is born. Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, except Jesus (holy son Q 19:19) (Story of JESUS) Allah's will baby boy or girl and the age BABY COMES FIRST LOOK LIKE THEIR PARENT Man's water thick and white, woman's water thin and yellow. (tafsir Ibn Kathir) woman gets discharge the son resembles the mother black son my wife has given birth to a black boy yellow discharge Aisha told the whole world with no shame women with discharge should take bath NO ORGASM Quran in QURAISH dialect
Allah has commanded you to recite Quran in one dialect Quraish QURAN in 7 different dialect recitation QURAN in 7 Harfs (my people/community wouldn't be able to do so) 7 different ways to recite Quran, so recite as the easiest way Hisham recite Surah Al furqan different than Umar, Molly say recite which is easier for you NONE WILL RETAIN SALVATION purely of their deeds but MERCY and GRACE of Allah Even Molly said there is none whose deeds alone would entitle him to get into Paradise whose deeds alone can'secure salvation in Paradise the first food being served is liver of whale!

WHALE CARRYING EARTH LIWASH TAFSEER Q 68:1 e.g of how 'clear quran language is'

MOUNTAIN IN HEAVEN IN PAIRS TAFSEER Q 50:7 (Qaf) e.g of how 'clear quran language is' (question re 'pair') SEVEN HEAVEN (DAIF) (Q 2:29-30)  SUN SETS PROSTRATE ITSELF /ORBIT
Sun going from point A -> point B SET IN THE HOT MURKY WATER/HAMIYAH (Q 18:86) Molly asked Abu Dhar if he knew about sun set. Allah knows best! BLAME the Romans! they misinterpreted it about 'ATOM' but the fact, it is about ANT/ namlah (dharra) Q 4:40

DUL QARNAYN /Alexander the great (GOG and Magog) Fairy Story about Yajuj and Majuj (Q 18:94-98) Molly woke up red in the face (meaning he's white complexion) GOG MAGOG digging until they see rays of sun(they forgot to say 'insyaallah') regarding the 'barrier (18:93).' "They excavated each day making a circle with his thumb and index finger regarding Gog and Magog TOUCH STONE ERASE SIN & the BLACK STONE BECAME BLACK of the sin from whiter than milk
KISS STONE LIKE MOLLY (touch 2 corners tawaaf 7x  kiss stone erase sin) apparently the stone came from Paradise have not Molly kissed you i would not
because Molly kissed the stone. Umar kissed it too and stone need maintenance here TWO EYES & TONGUE STONE and the stone will speak GO AROUND KABAH NAKED (Islam used to practise this) Yemeni corner also Molly erased word 'apostle of allah' (Molly performed Hajj once, treaty not more than 3 days in Mecca) WE USED TO WORSHIP STONES and one better stone to replace another (perform Hajj do tawaf) NAKED around kabah (more) two hands of Allah also

4 Things created by Allah's hands that is throne, Adam, Heaven and PEN! UMAR MADE QUR'AN. 1 Abraham place/ KABAH for prayer (Q2:125), 2 Hijab, 3 divorce wives Q 66:5 Q 17:88 MOLLY asked his wives to cover them face when a blind man came ('blind man') NAME of Allah AL MAHI = the eraser, Al Hasir = who will be the first to be resurrected,  Al-`Aqib = There will be no prophet after me. Who does Molly think he was?! Nasty MOLLY! (  >< ) come down every night (tahajud) 1/3 of the night ALLAH come down every 3rd day of the night Abu Barza said Allah went up and down every 3rd day of the night Allah will come in a DIFFERENT SHAPE SNEEZE FROM ALLAH, YAWNING FROM SYAITAN (shaitan laughs inside your opening/mouth)
ALLAH LOVES SNEEZE & DISLIKE YAWNING Adam sneezed after being created and said alhamdulilah Q:17:11 also say alhamdulilah SAJAK/ POEM in ISLAM POEM POEM by bedouin woman


MOLLY WHITE COMPLEXION MOLLY was not happy being called black. here MOLLY the tongue suckling (sucked Hasan tongue) also did it to Aisha too while Molly fasting stuck his tongue down his grandson's mouth AISHA CHEATING?

GO BITE YOUR FATHER's PENIS Molly said it directly Martyrs in the body of GREEN BIRD in heaven  (martyrs  Q 3:169) souls, of the martyrs live in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers Ibrahim do SUNAT himself with ADZE (hihihi)
h circumcised at the age of 80 (circumcision and it's rulling) EVERYONE BORN AS MUSLIMS there is BRIDGE with hook (concrete/ZARAT) in Heaven (AL BAZARKH on the ground) Q 23:99-100 Molly still wanted to write qur'an before he died Prophet that asked forgiveness for his nation JESUS JUST JUDGE (Hakamun Mustikan) JESUS in the 2nd HEAVEN according to Islam (4 rivers, Nile river n Euprates in Heaven too) *Aisha confirmed MOLLY's body w her (lowest heaven) TRAY FULL OF WISDOM and FAITH TO MOLLY's CHEST (from 50 prayers reduce to 10 then 5 prayers) has 100 grades, each of which is as big as the distance between heaven and earth *story of Al Miraj NIGHT JOURNEY (Shiah source) before Molly got inspiration 3 persons came to him (in dream while he was sleeping in the Sacred Mosque) Molly night journey from Masjid Al Kabah/ Al Haram to Masjid Al Asqa MOLLY with BOURAQ / Flying donkey ONLY 1 SECT go to Heaven the rest of sects of Islam go to Hell (Molly's dad is in the fire right now! Jews split into 71 SECTS and my nation will split into 73 SECTS SOLOMON boom boom 100 females (or 99 in one night) Solomon's general Hoopoe Bird MOLLY used to wear gold  RING like Solomon ring?  jewish tale  MOLLY used silver ring MOLLY took a gold ring MOLLY commanded DRAGON /LIZARD /GECKO to be killed Q 21:69 SALAMANDER/ LIZARD trying to kill Abraham(Avraham - the one who crossed the river) Molly ordered lizard/gecko to be killed kill chameleon get deeds MOLLY SAID DO NOT CURSE LICE (Molly has plenty) also the Day of Resurrection an intercessor (2 BIRDS/ 2 Clouds/shades) recite al-Baqara & Surah Al 'Imran Molly hoping to be the intercessor on the day of resurrection

All Islamic Schollars are not trustworthy end of tafsir ibn kathir Hafs was a liar

UMMU HABIBA Molly will marry her if she grows up made wine/ NABIDH, and use to drink wine day and night like drinking honey Molly used to drink NABIDH (SEA OF WINE in JANNAH) READ while JIBRIL squeezed MOLLY Jibril SQUEEZED Molly Molly received guidance in cave Hira was naked the clothes was taken BY THE STONE (Moses had scoral hernia)

ALLAH created Himself from sweat of horse (alhambali narrated) (check this page 12) ASLIM TASLAM if you become Muslim your reward double and will be safe music and singing is HARAM, allah will turn them to monkey and a pig also  drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful will turn to monkeys n pigs until resurrection day Allah did not protect Medina from plague? two girl dancing at Idul Fitr but music is haram?! musical instruments of Satan Allah ordained creation 50k years before created heavens n earth, his throne upon water Allah created Adam in His image (60 spans) Adam 60 cubits i.e 30metres (you will be 19mile tall in heaven according to Islam)

ALLAH says 'WE' in Quran and yet He is one? 

Molly stealing JESUS commands and put them as allah's words Al Khadir/ the green (everything will turn alive being touched by al khadir) fish became alive story (ancient fairy tale!) Abdullah ibn AbuSarh used to write (the revelation) for the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) Uthman's brother being killed since he became apostate. Eve, wives never betray your husbands, Israel got meat that would not decay Molly said a wive should prostrate to her husband check this out Molly's prophecy? caliphate 30 yrs n then kingdom (FALSE! caliphate last more than that and no kingdom) question regarding interest in the bank question regarding marrying more than 4 wives after eating don't forget to lick fingers and

fatwa regarding Allah has a spirit

Molly imagining having sex (but not)

Marrying your aunt daughter so she could perform hajj

Allowed having sex with animal during Hajj

Throw rocks, kiss rock, religion that is so pagan!

Jesus is GREATER than Molly



Qur'an Warsh and Hafs narrations:

The Quran says Pray 3 times not 5 times 1- Salat Al-Fajr (Dawn Prayer)Q 24:58 2- Al-Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) Q 2:238 3- Salat Al-Isha (Night Prayer) Q 24:58.
Why Muslim pray 5 times?

Iesa Islam | JESUS

Iesa is a man made by Molly that supposed to be 'Jesus'.

Muslim Loves JESUS?

  • Christian Prince
  • 14 January 2012
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Christian Prince explained Who and what Jesus is in Islam


Allah Is Satan!

  • Christian Prince
  • 22 March 2009
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Qur'an says that Allah is the best of deceiver. Allah himself is the Devil!


Who is JESUS?

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  • 6 April 2009
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Jesus is the Son of GOD, He said He is the I AM.

God bless us.

Trinitarian vs Unitarian

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Christian Prince collaborated with Sam Shamoun, know your faith!

The Arabian Prophet

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Example of sunni morality
Islam punishment for sodomy

regarding black shoes in shia
allowed marrying daughter that born out of wedlock


CONTRADICTION IN QURAN (Free from Error) in Q 4.82 means NOT FROM ALLAH

Creation of the world Q 7:54 6 days    / Q 41:9-12 8 days

What did Allah create first?  Q 2:29 earth 1st then heaven    / Q 79:27-30 heaven 1st then earth

Who is the 1st Muslim? Q 6:14 Molly      Q 7:143 Moses        Quran also said Adam & Abraham were Muslims

Q 10:47 allah sent messenger to every nation  / Q 2:125-129 Abraham & Ishmael came to Arabia built Kabah and in Q 28:46 Molly was the 1st warner to come to Arabia/Arabs  (which 1 is the 1st warner?)

Is Shirk allowed? Q 4:48 sin of shirk is unforgivable       / Q 4:153 sin of shirk is forgiven

Is Quran pure Arabic? Q 16:103  quran was written pure arabic YET TONS of foreign words in quran

Allah can not keep his word? Q 2:62 jews n christian don't need to fear because Allah ACCEPT THEM and in Q 3:85 the only religion ACCEPTED by Allah is Islam

What Islam says about intercession? Q 20:109       Q 34:23     Q 43:86 intercessor accepted meanwhile in other Q 2:123    Q 6:51     Q 82:19 intercessor NOT accepted

What is man created from? (THIS IS CHAOS indeed)
Q 21:30 water   Q 16:4 small seed  Q 19:67 from nothing    Q 96:2 cloth of blood   Q 15:26 clay & mud,      Q 3:59  dust      Q 11:161 man created from earth

Regarding fasting? Q 2:183-184 fasting is mandatory       Q 2:185 fasting is not mandatory
(Q Warsh) says if you can not fast, you can feed 3 or more people  but in (Q Haffs 1924 Cairo Edition) it says feed 1 person only it's alright <--- so much pile of GOOD DEED religion watch this video for more!

How many different groups will there be on the judgement day?
Q 56:7 3 groups            Q 90:6-8 Q 90:18-19 2 groups

How many gardens are there in Paradise?
Q 39:73, Q 41:30, Q 57:21, Q 79:41 --> 1 garden    Q 18:13, Q 22:23, Q 35:33, Q 78:32 --> many garden

How long is a day with Allah? Q 22:47, Q 32:5 --> 1000 human years / Q 70:4 --> 50,000 human years

How many angels fought with Molly? Q 3:124 3000 angels / Q 8:9 1000 angels

The Quran says Pray 3 times not 5 times 1- Salat Al-Fajr (Dawn Prayer) Q 24:58 2- Al-Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) Q 2:238 3- Salat Al-Isha (Night Prayer) Q 24:58 .Why Muslim pray 5 times?



they will go to abrogate verse to defend the daif qur'an where  ALL rules depend on MOLLY's situation

Message of Islam keeps changing until the last SurahQ 9:29 came: fight those who do not believe in Allah.
They are being commanded to literally subjugate the entire world VIOLENTLY. (opposite of peace!)

Q 5:32 is for the Jews and Islam claimed in Q 2:256 no compultion in religion?! What a contradiction


How long did it take for Allah to create the universe? Q 7:54 6 days    | Q 41:9-12 8 days

What did Allah created first?  Q 2:29 earth 1st then heaven    | Q 79:27-30 heaven 1st then earth

In Qur'an 41:9-12:       1. Earth   2. Mountain          3. Plants & Animals   4. Sky                         5. Star

In Qur'an 79: 26-32:    1. Sky      2. Night & Day      3. Earth (spread)         4. Water & Plant     5. Mountain


It is very silly when qur'an claims that the book contains science:

1. SUN SETS IN MURKY WATER (Q 18:86) see SAHIH hadith


3. DAY & NIGHT CREATED, SUN & MOON 'THEY ALL SWIM' ON THEIR BOATS (Q 21:33) see tafsir Ibn Kathir Q 36:37-40

4. ALL THINGS MADE OF WATER see the movie (Q 25:54) but Satan & Djinn made of fire  (Q 7:12)

And there are more to mention of how screwed up this Qur'an that at the end of the day they have to admit in Q 15:90-91 SHREDDED!!! SHREDDED IT!

Islam is pure FULL PAGANISM (kiss black stone, bow to the cube)